It’s Fundraising Time!

This fundraiser is in lieu of sending students home with the task of selling door-to-door, collecting and asking for money, and having parents beg family and friends for more donations!

Please help CTA Independence avoid that, by supporting the PTO’s first Check-A-Thon. We need you to help us continue raising funds for our students and staff with 100% of funds going back into our school! Please check one of the options below, and return with checks made payable to: CTA Independence PTO As always, if family and friends want to support our school, you may either have them fill out a form, or they can visit our online donation option as well. Hurry.. The Check-A-Thon ends November 10th and we want to hit our goal of $45,000!





_____ $20 I do not want to buy baked goods from the store to donate to the cake walk, so here is the money I would have spent on the cupcakes.


_____ $35 I do not want to hit up my friends, family, and co-workers.. So here is the money they would have donated on buying cookie dough, or wrapping paper.


_____ $50 I do not want to walk, run, mark shirts, or participate in any activity that requires me to act like a crazy person..so here is the money to keep me sane.


_____ $100 I do not want to attend any mom banquets, daddy dinners, or fancy events..so here is the money it would cost me for the tickets.


_____ $150 I really do not like to volunteer that much, so here is the money to make my name stand out and show I am a good sport.


$_____ I am making this donation to show MUCH appreciation for having nothing to buy, sell or do except fill out this awesome form!


$_____ This is the amount I made a donation for on-line, well...because who writes checks anyways? (online donations are subject to a processing fee).